SAHAMATI Peace Library

SAHAMATI has established a modern peace library under the Learning & Innovation Theme in 2010 where peace practice and other peace related materials will be added. There are a lot of appreciative inquiry books and articles as well as religious books (Hindu, Christian and Buddhist). After some time, Peace library will be transformed into a peace practice center where people can do meditation, yoga and peaceful activities also. As a result, it will provide refreshment environment to all. Currently, there are 980 books of which 542 are in English, 310 are in Nepali & Hindi and 128 are e-books/PDF. In March 2016 Dr. Harihar Acharya an international development professional have written his first publication "HUMAN VALUES IN ACTION - Contribution of women's cooperatives in economic and social transformation of the poor in Nepal" based on the various studies of programs conducted by SAHAMATI. His book gives a clear understanding of the character played by SAHAMATI for strengthening the position of the deprived community group.