Completed Programs

Program Duration Partnership Achievements of the Program Manage

Wet Land Restoration and Basin Collective Action Plan in Narayani River (WRBCA)

World Wide Fund (WWF)

Narayani River Conclave

Inclusive Rural Development in Nawalparasi (IRDN) Project

01 Jul, 2019 to 30 Jun, 2022 Good Neighbors International (GNI) Nepal

Capacity Building of Rural Women Cooperative(Under SLVC- II)

01 Jan, 2019 to 31 Mar, 2022 Heifer International Nepal
  • Out of 254 SEW cooperatives majority of coops have amendment their bylaw as per Nation's coop act 2074.
  • 9 different types of policy and guideline are prepared in all coops and all coop. executive members, subcommittee members and staffs are following that properly.
  • Financial documentation is improved as per standards in all of coops.
  • Second generation leadership are built in all coops.
  • Delinquency rate is going reduced.
  • General assembly has done in all most coop. in timely.
  • Financial audit have did in all coops within deadline as per act.
  • Out of 254coops more than 50 coops have made their own office building.
  • Regular meeting and minting process was following by executive members of all coops.


COVID-19 Response and Livelihood Support

01 Jul, 2020 to 30 Sep, 2020 Luthern World Relief (LWR)

1.  10 metallic hospital bed, 9 PPE set, 2 oxygen cylinders, 1 oxygen connection set to isolation centers in Susta RMP were supported

2. Supported 1000 litter 3 plastic water tank with iron stand and water motor, 6 hand washing sinks, 2 hand pumps and 75 fans in 3 quarantine centers of Susta RMP

3.  Supported 3 power tillers with rotavator, 3 maize seller, 3 maize planter, 3 reaper handy machine to 3 cooperative

4.  Supported 1 set of Turmeric grinding machine, 1 turmeric cutting machine, 1 turmeric packaging machine and 1 turmeric weighing machine to women cooperative

5.  Supported 7 set Hospital bed ( MS Bad, Mattress, Pillow, IV Stand) and 6 Oxygen Connection set were handed over to Natural Aurved Hospital which is only one isolation center of  Nawalparasi (East)

6. Supported 6 vending cart to jobless and ultra poor to make easy life.

Congregational Trans-boundary Flood Resilient Project. (C-TBR)

01 Jan, 2019 to 31 Dec, 2021 Luthern World Relief (LWR)

1. Ten CDMCs are formed with four task forces in each working wards to make resilient community.

2. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) plans are prepared by CDMCs which is own by concern local government and implemented.

3. Each CDMCs are registered in respective ward offices as local government structures and programs.

4. District Disaster Preparedness, Monsoon Preparedness Plans and Cold Wave Plan of Nawalparasi (East and West) are prepared.

5. Linkage and Coordination meeting, workshop and meeting are conducted on disaster as a role of District Lead Support Agency (DLSA)

6. Early Warning System (EWS) has strengthened to reduce vulnerability of flood.

7. TORs of  CDMCs and their task forces (Early warning, First Aid, Search & Rescue and Camp Management)  are prepared which was made clear guidelines during monsoon and life saving equipment are provided to task forces.

8. Local Emergency Operation Center (LEOC) is installed in Susta Rural Municipality.

9.  Community  adopted climate smart and flood resilient agriculture practices and increased income by 20%

10. 17,00 farmers had purchased livestock insurance policy.

11. Business plan, legislature policy and financial training were given to strengthen  eight cooperatives in working area.

12.  Community established NRs 13,00,00,000 safety net option in cooperatives.

13. Cooperatives allocated 10% of emergency fund from  profit to support their members in an emergency.

14. Lead farmers and farmer groups are linked with agriculture section of rural municipalities.

15. Annual plan of lead farmers and farmers groups are prepared to fix the time of sowing, planting and harvesting.

16. Transboundry Citizen Forum (TBCF) prepared and implemented joint action plan for flood alert.

17. TBCF members are well aware about EWS/SOP

18. Gender champion are selected in program area for advocacy of gender issues.

Covid-19 Vaccine Access And Awareness For Rural Communities In Nepal

15 May, 2021 to 30 Sep, 2022 Luthern World Relief (LWR)

1. Training of trainers to health post personnel on vaccine methods, safety, and efficacy

2. Female community health volunteers were trained on safety, efficiency, anticipated side effects, possible care and doses of vaccine.

3. Radio jingle on COVID-19 vaccine is airing to enhance awareness on COVID-19 vaccine.

4. Provide cold chain boxes, EX Gloves, face shield, sanitizer were provided to health personnel. 

5. Volunteers are mobilized to increase participation of COVID-19 vaccine.

Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEDP)/ Mahila Uddhami Project

01 Oct, 2020 to 30 Sep, 2021 Luthern World Relief (LWR)
  • 36 groups promoted by the project in three districts, enrolling 708 women members in them.
  • 528 women entrepreneurs generated during the project period and enterprises like turmeric farming, ginger farming, local chicken rearing, vegetable farming, mushroom farming, goat rearing, fresh house, petty shop, juice store, potato cultivation and food processing are being adopted by them. A total of 3,29,56,620 NPR income is generated by women entrepreneurs through the technical and input support of WEDP adopting above mentioned enterprises. 
  • Extensive cultivation of agricultural commodities utilizing marginal land in project districts among which ginger and turmeric is being cultivated in 21.35 hectare, vegetable in 24.5 hectare, finger-millet in 100 hectare, potato in 3.5 hectare, buckwheat farming in 5 hectare and nurseries in 1 hectare; a total of cultivation in 155.35 hectares initiated by WEDP.
  • Establishment of outlet centre for the transaction of local products in two strategic locations; Manakamana Bazar, Gorkha and Baradi, Tanahun. Daily transaction of around 15,000-20,000 NPR is recorded in each of the market outlets.
  • Leveraged a total of 25,65,000 NPR fund from local governments of all three districts for assisting over 200 women entrepreneurs. This amount is 30% of the activity budget of the project.
  • Continuous support for 6 cooperatives for the promotion of cooperative business (2 citrus nurseries, 1 vegetable nursery, 1 market outlet, 1 haatbazaar supported), capacity building (5 different trainings organized), digital marketing promotion through website and Facebook page. 111.1 million NPR transaction made by these cooperatives under project support.  
  • Rise in the baseline income of beneficiaries from 18,850 NPR to 86,035 NPRwhich is 336% increase.


Promotion of Self-Reliant Groups and Women Cooperatives in Baglung and Myagdi District

Plan Nepal

Women in working areas are organized in Self-Reliant Groups and doing monthly saving which has unquestionably supported to members for livelihood and income generation activities.

Strengthen Democratic and Inclusion Process of Political Parties in Nawalparasi District

15 Dec, 2011 to 14 Dec, 2012 ESP/RDIF

Through the series of logical project activities, the political parties became fully aware and committed towards respecting and implementing according to their bylaws, declaration, rules & regulation.