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Support & Donate to Earthquake Affected Families by SAHAMA

SAHAMATI's Relief Support to EQ Affected Families:

A massive earthquake of 7.6 magnitudes on 25th April 2015, has struck in Nepal causing widespread destruction. An earthquake of this magnitude can be deadly, toppling buildings, and destroying roads and infrastructure. An estimated 8 million people have been affected by the earthquake with a death toll reported over 8,500 and many more are injured and displaced. In this regards, many national and international humanitarian organizations have been responding to the urgent needs of earthquake survivors. SAHAMATI has also supported cash and kind relief support equivalent to NRs. 774,265.00 in its project areas.


Table : Relief distribution

Relief Iems
Cash Equivalent to NRs Coordination with  Handover     to                 
Cash 1,38,515 DDRC Myagdi, Women Cooperative Chief District Officer, Myagdi Supported through Girl Power Project (GPP) Myagdi
Cash 50,635 DDRC,Women cooperatives Chief District Officer, Baglung  Supported through Promotion of Self- Reliant Groups and Women Cooperatives (PSRG) in Baglung & Myagdi District
Kind (Tarpuline 1,Mosquito net 1, claw hammer 1, mats 2, bundle nylon rope 2, handsaw 1 or 1 crowbar and 1 blanket)              
5,00,000 DDRC,NRCS, Cooperative leader, VDC office,political parties EQ victims of 6 VDCs of Nawalparasi 
Supported through Rural Youth Development Program (RYDP), Nawalparasi with support from AWO Internation e.V
Cash 25,115 District level NGO federation, DRDC, DSCCU President (NGO federation, sindhuli) and Coordinator (DSCCU Sindhuli)
Supported through Capacity Building of Micro Finance Instituions & Youth Organizations (CBMFIYO) Sindhuli
Kind ( Emergency Helath Camp, damage and need assessment of 148 HHs)                                                                                                          
Led by SAHAJ Community Hospital in Helath Camp                      
  Climate Adaptive Village (CAV)- project staff collected the database                    
Cash 60,000  DDRC Nawalparasi  Chief District Officer, Nawalparasi      
Supported through SAHAMATI central staffs and members
























Glipmse of Relief Distribution:

Cash amount handover to Chief District Officer,
Myagdi by women cooperative member,Program Advisor (SAHAMATI)
Relief materials distributed to EQ victims by SAHAMATI president, Dandajheri VDC, Nawalparasi
Relief materails distributed to local people by General Secretary/Program Advisor of RYDP, Ratanpur VDC, Nawalparasi CDO-Myagadi with SAHAMATI team, women cooperative member after submitting the cash amount to DRDC
Cash amount supported to DSCCU president by program Coordinator, SAHAMATI- CBMFIYO, Sinddhuli District Picture of Relief materails, supported by AWO international e.V. through SAHAMATI-RYDP , Nawalparasi
Field observation by SAHAMATI team on need and damage assessment of massive earthquake at Kirtipur village (Devchuli Municipality-5 & 6) Nawalparasi Emergency Health Camp organized at       Kirtipur Village after coordination with cooperative, NGOs

Meeting with Chief District Officer, Baglung, Security personnel, women cooperative member & SAHAMATI team about relief distribution Handovering cheque amount to Chief District Officer, Nawalparasi by SAHAMATI President, Mr. Ratna Pd. Sapkota
































































Thanks to all for your kind & important contribution