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Human Value Development

Most of the development indicators are only the visible progress in socio-economic perspectives. But integration of cultural and human values is crucial for effective development towards positive and sustainable change. Universal values such as truth, right conduct, love, peace and non-violence and typical Nepalese social-cultural values like neighborhood, brotherhood and humanity are practiced within organization and promoted. The responsibility of promoting and preserving culture and values, ensuring a life of humanity to the new generation, we have taken the challenge to be active to transmit these norms to our successors because the current trend of modernization is forcing the society to lose its norms and values.  To promote human values, SAHAMATI conducts following programs.

Peace practice center

SAHAMATI Peace Practice:

As the initial step to peace practice, we are currently practicing silent sitting followed by newspaper study. For silent sitting, 5 minutes time is allocated where all the participants make a circle and jointly produce the divine word OM for three times followed by GAYATRI MANTRA for three times and then pray for remaining time concentrating on one point by closing the eyes. This is regularly practiced on SAHAMATI Learning Center from 10:00- 10:05 A.M. Participants are SAHAMATI staffs and SAHAMATI members. After silent sitting, the participants share the feelings and experiences they have gone through and discuss about the current issues going on in the country and the locality and newspaper study as well. This will make easier for the persons to share the ideas and feelings they have and get relaxed by relieving the tension.

• Parivartan Program
PARIVARTAN (English: 'change') is a recently launched pilot program targeting school children. In its first phase it successfully run for six months. In Nepal, we have lots of socio-cultural values. Neighborhood, brotherhood and humanity are jewels of our life.  Social interrelationships and cooperation are the most powerful and proud sides of our culture. There are many more values leading to social discipline, self-control and internal peace.  We are rich, socially and culturally. All these values contribute to promote self-respect and human dignity. They carry happiness and satisfaction in people's life. Social norms, rules and regulations help to keep deep relationships among family members, neighbors and friends so we do not need to worry about other people's support. Most Nepalese's positive attitude is strength of our culture contributing to be hopeful and helpful in life. With the recent developments in society through carbon copying of foreign cultures we are slowly loosing our values and cultural strengths, norms and values thus leading to unbalanced situation. This will lead us to face unhappiness, dissatisfaction and even vicious crimes. Situation will be even worse when we do not have anything to give to the future generation. Thus, it is the duty of our generation to preserve our culture and values and transmit to the future generation, ensuring a life of humanity and brotherhood. SAHAMATI realized that there is a lack of supportive programs implemented by NGOs and decided to run a program totally unique amongst others so as to fill the gap between modern development and our cultural and human values.

Parivartan Program is a pilot program which has successfully completed its first phase and now it is starting the second phase and it will be replicated in other programs according to effectiveness and requirements. As this regards, each saturday informally 20 students of Kalika Higher Secoundary School who is 10 to 13 years old has been practicing issues on human value, social behaviour and discipline till two hours. At present, the organization has been preparing  third phase curriculam of parivatran program .