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Cooperative Health program

SAHAJ Health Cooperative Limited (SAHAJ Community Hospital):

Please see the website of SAHAJ: http://sahajhealth.org.np/

Health is the most essential and insightful aspect of human life. Lack of awareness and poverty, health has always been a second priority. The current facilities and practices of treatment are always delayed and expensive. As a result, the disadvantaged and marginalized community has been compelled to suffer with unusual death. Realizing the fact, SAHAJ has been established as a community hospital and have been implementing various programs besides preventive, curative services and micro-finance health services. SAHAJ is a local community based health cooperative that envisions healthy society. It is established and promoted by the initiation of SAHAMATI which works to increase access over the quality health services and recently launch the additional health service center in eastern site of the Mahindra Highway for its institutional development. Likewise micro-finance health services program will be implemnetated more effective in upcoming days to provide health awareness and community health empowerment. SAHAJ community hopital has been developed linkage & coordination with like-minded institution in national and international level.