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SAHAMATI Peace Library

The busy and hectic schedule we have on our day to day life is the source of stress, anxiety, trauma which makes the desire for peace and silent place to stay and study. This is often more pronounced because of the work pressure we have to face every day. We often seek a break during the office hours and stay calm and quiet studying books and even silently sitting to calm down from the stress situation. we face on day to day life.
Owing to this fact, SAHAMATI has recently started a modern peace library aiming to provide peace and stability. The library runs under the theme of learning and innovation, new bussiness; provides peace practice, silent sitting, newspaper study, free Wi-Fi and collection of numerous books of different languages and categories. The Peace library will be transformed to a peace practice center where people can meditate, yoga practice and peaceful activities to provide refreshment to all. We have established a Climate Change Corner at our library. Currently, there are 980 books of which 542 in English, 310 in Nepali & Hindi and 128 PDF as e-book.