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SAHAMATI Learning Center(SLC)

Facilities at SLC:

The SLC was established in 2004 and is one of the indispensable parts of the organization. At the beginning of the construction of SLC building was supported by two individual donors TOMODA TAKIO, Japan and TAKESHI OKAWMA,Japan therefore the hall is in the name of TOMO Memorial Training Hall.It aims to train poor and deprived groups as well as professionals. Through trainings, workshops, symposium and seminars, women, minorities and other disadvantaged groups get the opportunity to develop their capacities and get encouragement for self-employment through development of different skill and capacity enhancement training packages. Today, SLC represents a sustainable resource development center for SAHAMATI and have been able to grab a constant demand in the market of trainings.


SLC provides various types of facilities such as two well-equipped training halls with AC; comfortable lodging with attached bathrooms and hygienic food. There is capacity to accommodate 60 people at a time. Furthermore, there are training materials and equipments like stationeries, multi media, generator, OHP, television, DVD, STD, and local telephone; WiFi (wireless internet) and peace library and peace practice center, vehicle parking and peaceful garden. There is a full inspiring environment and consultancy service to conduct trainings and research activities. From its establishment to the end of the November 2016, a total of 16,082(7237 female, 8847 male) participated in different types of trainings and exposure visits. This year 1141 people (528 female, 613 male) took part in the trainings and seminars. Since last Annual General Meeting to till end of the kartik month, 2073 the training hall was running for 122 days.


Objectives of SLC:
• Enhance the capacity of community people and professional through trainings,
seminars and workshop
• Develop further skill and capacity enhancement training packages>
• Represent a sustainable resources development center for the organization
• Provide consultancy services for community development activities
• To provide a cluster of well trainers in the field of micro-finance, concept of human right, good governance and advocacy, youth mobilization, DRR and climate change
• Develop as a peace center in future

Facilities at SLC:

SLC has been providing various types of facilities such as training hall, comfortable accommodation, stationery and training materials, communication and library.
• Training hall: SLC has two well equipped training halls with Air Condition. It has excellent facilities to conduct training, seminars, and has a capacity to adjust large number of people at a time.
• Accommodation and Food: SLC provides accommodation facility in own complex with peace and quiet environment. Inside the premise, one spacious and hygiene dining hall, lodging rooms with attached bathrooms and toilets are available.
• Stationery and training materials: The availability and proper utilization of training materials play the key role to make the effective training. In this context, the following facilities are available in the center.
• Multimedia 
• Computer/laptop
• Overhead projector
• Generator
• Internet and e-mail
• Television
• White and soft pin boards
• STD and local telephone
• Library
• Wi-Fi Zone

• Vehicle parking

     Vehicle parking facility is available inside with well managed garden designed by professional landscaper, fish pond and cottage/resting place.

Areas of Expertise: 
SLC can provide consultancy services to conduct various training and carry out research in different issues from its in-house human resources. We have experts on
• Right based approach and advocacy
• Social mobilization
• Micro finance/cooperative management
• Conflict management
• NGO management
• Strategies and periodic Plan
• Leadership and networking development
• Program monitoring and evaluation
• Double entry book keeping
• Micro enterprise creation and development
• Waste management
• Group management
• Bee keeping
• Tourism and environmental awareness
• Tourism planning, Climate Change & DRR


Future plan:
SLC is determined to achieve the sustainability by meeting the objectives of the program. SLC will be
• Developed as a learning center for community development.
• Establish peace library and develop peace practice center
• Develop as a national as well as international level learning center with appropriate infrastructures and resources.
• Extend as one of the Peace and Happiness Zone in the community and whoever comes at our practice will stand for the stunning and abundant environment.