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Vision '2025 AD'

Well recognize, learning and innovative institution for community plus humane development.

SAHAMATI is committed to be the connector for accessing resources for the rights of the people.

Access to resources for well- being enhanced.

Strategic objectives
• Prop up cooperatives for equitable and sustainable economic & social development
• Expand SAHAMATI Learning Center as a high quality and excellence center
• Develop and execute innovative youth focused program for self employment and social  transformation
• Develop and execute livelihood and environment programs
• Promote democratic values in the communities
• Strengthen management information system to deliver quality services
Our values 
• Honesty in protecting and developing human dignity.
• Solidarity for collectivism and social harmony.
• Transparency in all aspects of program implementation-targeting, financing and results.
• Appreciation of all (beneficiaries, institutions and all stakeholders)
• Working consensus with all
• Team work will always remain a driving force among staffs and implementing partners.
• Inclusiveness (women, economically and socially discriminated people) will remain ‘the ethic’  in the institution and programs.
• Promotion of good governance and independence.