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Thematic Area

On 7th and 8th January 2017 SAHAMATI had organized its fourth strategic direction workshop for two days at Amaltari, Home stay, Baagkhor, Nawalparasi. The workshop was organized with the purpose to develop with new strategic directions for the five years (2016-2020).

The draft report of strategic workshop is prepared and SAHAMATI will shared this draft with its partners, line agencies and well wishers for the feedback and finalization of the strategic report. During strategic Directions, SAHAMATI has developed new VMGO and organizational structure with new working theme. All the programs are launched and guided through these themes and each theme is directed by one thought leader.


Theme 1:  Economic Development & Livelihood Promotion

Lack of capacity for proper utilization and mobilization of resources, inefficient human resources, inappropriate technique selection, topographic difficulties and unstable government are some of the causes hindering development process. Proper utilization of the resources through human resources mobilization is the need of the country.SAHAMATI believes that the developmental efforts should have to go in accordance with the need of the society and thus is developing through mobilization of the people. SAHAMATI aims to enhance the well-being of the community through community empowerment, vulnerability reduction towards sustainable livelihood. Under this theme, we work on  

  • Co operative financing
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion
  • Sustainable Livelihood Promotion 
  • Climate Resilience Food Security

Theme 2: Good Governance & Advocacy

We believe in people's participation, transparency and accountability under any of the program/project activities. We focus to intensify the democracy in local institutions. we keep on promote the democracy and social inclusion in the local government, political parties and other community institutions. Under this theme, we work on

  • Strengthening Democracy & Good Governance
  • Gender Equality & Social Inclusion
  • Capacity Building on Advocacy
  • Social Movement

Theme 3: Environment Protection & Disaster Risk Reduction

Environment degradation and risk are continuous threat to development. We focus on environment protection through awareness raising, plantation and organic farming. We support mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into development. Under this theme, we work on

  • Management of the green environment
  • Development and Management of forestry farming
  • Safeguarding of risk management schemes and establishment and execution of cooperatives
  • Food security and livelihood management during the time of natural calamities
  • Early Warning System
  • Immediate shelter construction program

Theme 4: Learning, Innovation & New Business

Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge and the base for the innovation. Realizing this fact, SAHAMATI has been running internal programs since the establishment of the organization. The motto of this theme is to develop the human resources and promotion of internal programs in its best approach. Currently, we have following program under this theme, we work on

  • SAHAMATI Learning Center
  • Cooperative Health Program
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Quality Control and Consulting
  • Operation Management
  • Human Value Development
  • New Business Development & Promotion