SAHAMATI Health Program

SAHAJ is a local community- based health cooperative that visualize the healthy society. It is established and promoted in the commencement of SAHAMATI, which works to increase access to the quality health services. SAHAJ is registered in the division co-operative office, Nawalparasi under the cooperative Act 2048. There's nothing more important than our good health that's our principal capital assets. But due to the lack of consciousness and economic condition of the local community, health has been always implicit as the second priority. Realizing this fact, SAHAJ has established a community hospital and has implemented various programs besides preventive and curative services. Likewise, micro-finance health services program has been running to provide health awareness and community health empowerment. Various free health campaign was organized, like free check up of diabetes and eyes were also conducted. The main target of this Community Hospital is the rural women and the children of the Nawalparasi District. But as the time passes by the limit has extended and more facilities are available many people from other areas have also started to visit the hospital.


  • To aware community people regarding health issues
  • To increase the access on health services through promoting ownership of poorest community people in health institution
  • To provide health services in cheaper easier and qualitative way from community based hospital
  • To develop technical human resources through health education program
  • To increase coordination and linkage with other likeminded health institution
  • To reduce vulnerability through community managed micro-health insurance program

SAHAJ Community Hospital has extended the number of the bed for the patients. The hospital has also started birthing center by the permission from the Ministry of Health. The Community Hospital from time to time has been visited by a number of foreign doctors and other experts.

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