Peace and Happiness

Ultimate goal of any development initiative is "Peace and Happiness". So SAHAMATI follows value based development approach to ensure peace and happiness at all level in a sustainable manner. Peace and happiness at SAHAMATI is understood as:

  • At Individual Level:- social security (food, health, education and income), good relationship, time management, discipline, recreational activities, Good health and honor living
  • At Institutional Level:- good working environment, proper staffing, right person for right job, Clear Terms of Reference for staffs, code of conduct of the organization and staffs, clean environment, team work, respect for each other, setting of SAHAMATI cultural, peace library, pond, cleanliness.
  • Community Level:- economic prosperity, equitable distribution of opportunity, open discussion, positive thinking, social security (food, health, education and income), good relationship

“PEACE & HAPPINESS at individual, family and community level” is the motto of SAHAMATI. Training and orientation programs on value based development are integrated at various levels. Human values is the demand of every society and SAHAMATI is very conscious regarding this need and therefore it has taken some initial steps to include in every programs and training that it provide to the society.